Super Easy To Play, 1 Or 2 Players Compete By Pounding The Soft Basketball Controllers To Shoot The Tiny Basketballs At The Hoop. The Harder They Hit, The Farther The Ball Travels! Moving Backboards Adds To The Challenge. 3 Points Awarded Per Basket, And 6 Points Awarded Per Basket In The Final 10 Seconds. Make As Many Shots As You Can Before Time Runs Out. Red Numerical LED Displays Show The Shot Clock. Fully Enclosed Play Area Keeps The Mini-Balls From Being Lost Outside Of The Game. LED Color Changing Lights Look Great And Allow Guests To Play In The Dark. Basketball Pro is a modernized version of the classic Atari game, Hoop It Up, which we also have for rent. Basketball Pro uses miniature basketballs, and Hoop It Up uses ping pong balls.

Basketball Pro

Basketball Pro Arcade Game.
2-player side by side action.
Dimensions 89″H x 32″W x 38″D, 225 Lbs

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