We Offer The Best Selection Of Arcade Games, Sport Games, Giant Games And Life Size Games, LED Games, Classic Arcade Games, And Other Fun Games In Orlando, Florida.  For Your Next Corporate Or Social Event Trust Orlando Arcade Game Rentals To Provide All Of Your Gaming Entertainment. We are also a trusted supplier of Games For Trade Show Booth Entertainment.

In Addition To The Games Above We Also Have Photo Booths, Pinball Machines, Jukeboxes, Fortune Teller Machines, Casino Tables, Carnival Games, Green Screen Services, And Much More! We Can Work With Any Theme Or Decor To Make Your Party A Success! Click Here To Return To The Homepage

1980s GAMES

Click below on Any of the game options to see our inventory. Our giant games and other game options are used to keep your guests entertained during your event. Games can be provided as stand-alone entertainment or as extra entertainment when guests need a break from the dance floor. Below are the basic categories of game rentals, but many games fall into more than 1 category such as a giant game like giant Twister which is both a giant game and a retro game. Please click on your favorite game category for your next event in Orlando, Florida. 








Arcade Games are commercial quality game machines that are built to be durable and reliable so you don’t have any issues at your party. Arcade machines require money to play, but All of our arcade games are set up for freeplay so your guests play for free. Orlando has more theme parks and game centers than almost every city in the United States.

You will find arcade machines in every Disney theme park, Arcade, Movie Theater, theme park, and family fun center In Orlando, Florida. When renting arcade games from a company make sure they are the actual arcade versions and not cheaper, home-version, knock-offs which are not built to withstand daily use and abuse from the public. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of arcade Games for rent In Orlando, Florida. Click on the link to see our inventory of Arcade Games for Rent in Orlando


Sport Games are games that have your guests playing or practicing any sport. Most sport games involve compeition between more than 1 player. Some examples of Popular sport games are basketball pop a shots, Football Toss, How fast you can throw a baseball, Billiards, Table Tennis, and sport arcade games. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of sport Games In Orlando, Florida. Remember some games fall under more than 1 category such as our giant game, Giant 16 player foosball which is both a sport game and a giant game. Click on the link to see our inventory of Sport Games for Rent in Orlando, Florida.


A giant game or Life-Size game is a giant recreation of a smaller game like a board game or yard game. these giant games can be larger than a person! Giant Games Are A Popular Addition To Any Party and their giant game size can make the game more memorable and more fun. Orlando arcade game rentals has the best selection of giant games in orlando, florida.

Some Games Fall Into More Than 1 Category Like Our Giant Game, Giant Lite Brite, Which Falls Into The 3 Categories; Giant Games, Retro Games, And Specialty Games. Click on the link to see our inventory of Giant Games For Rent In Orlando. 


LED games are an upgraded version of most games with LED lights added to them so the games look more attractive in the dark. The colorful lights not only look great, but they attract guests to the machines like moths to a flame. This results in more of your guests playing and having fun.

LED games look amazing in the dark and most LED games can be set to a specific color(s) to match your theme or decor.  This can also save you money on decor because the games can partially substitute part of your room decorations. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of LED Games In Orlando, Florida.

Remember Some Games Fall Under More Than 1 Category Such As Our Giant Game, Giant 16 Player Foosball Which Is Both An LED lighted Game And A Giant Game. Click on the link to see our inventory of LED Games for Rent in Orlando, Florida.


Retro games, also known as classic games or old school games, are the games you would find in arcades in the 1980s. These games were predominately video games, but there were other popular games in the eightees like air hockey, pinball machines, Bubble Hockey, classic photo booths, and a few others.

The 1980s was considered the golden age of video games and the idea of playing these amazing games was only possible at the local arcade because home gaming consoles like atari couldnt match the realistic graphics so arcades became a popular hangout for both kids and adults. Some of the most famous classic arcade games are space invaders, Galaga, Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Centipede.

Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of retro, old- school classic Games In Orlando, Florida. Some Games Fall Into More Than 1 Category Like Our Giant Game, Giant Lite Brite, Which Falls Into 3 different Categories; Retro games, Giant Games, And Specialty Games. If you have a retro party or 1980s themed event then click on the link to see our inventory of classic arcade games for rent in Orlando, Florida.


Specialty games are unique games that don’t fit into one of the categories above. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has the best Selection Of unique Games for rent In Orlando, Florida. Some games fall into more than 1 category like our giant game, Giant Lite Brite, which falls into the following categories; Giant Games, Retro Games, and Specialty games. Click on the link to see our inventory of unique specialty games for rent in Orlando, Florida.



You Can Tell A Lot About A Game Rental Company By Looking At The Condition Of Their Equipment. We Have Custom Road cases And Padded Game Covers For Almost Every Game and arcade game We Own. We even have protective cases for our giant games and Life Size Games like Giant Lite Brite, Giant Battleship, Giant Twister, Life Size Operation, and more!

Some Companies Protect their Equipment With Cardboard Boxes And Towels. When You See A Company Doing That it tells you they wont spend extra money to keep their equipment looking like new so that new game will look like its 20 years old in 6 months.

We Understand If Equipment looks Damaged Or Dirty It Looks Unprofessional And Makes You Look Bad. We Get It! We Are As Anal About Our Equipment As The DMCs and Party Planners That Hire Us!


Our company policy is to give our delivery staff a lot of extra time so they are set up early. We have learned when our staff have plenty of time they are relaxed and Don’t need to rush so they don’t make mistakes. 

The biggest problem some companies have is they plan out their delivery schedules optimistically and then if anything goes wrong they’re late! We don’t make that mistake. our schedules are made pessimistically planning for the worst so 99 out of 100 times we’re extra early which most planners love! If Your Event Starts Early In The Morning We will Set Up The Night Before For Your Piece Of Mind. We Provide Onsite Game Attendants To Keep An Eye On the Games So You Can Relax.

We also plan out our deliveries to make sure there are no equipment issues if your renting some of our giant games or life size games. For example, we know some of our giant games and life size games will only fit in a freight elevator, so if the giant game or life size game isn’t going on the 1st floor at your hotel in Orlando, Florida, then that can be an issue.

We have a checklist to catch these types of problems because we do this for living and we understand you don’t know our equipment as well as we do. some of our giant games and life size games have special delivery requirements for some hotels and country clubs in Orlando, Florida.



Many of our giant games and life size games are large in size, but use very little electric. Most Arcade Games Are Built To Work On A Standard 110V Outlet just like a TV. Depending On How Many Games You Rent Will determine How Much Power you Need. Normally, We Only require the Power provided in A Standard Hotel Ballroom, but We Have A Checklist Of Questions just to be sure. for example, “” Did you know an Espresso/Cappuccino Cart Uses 3-4 Times More Power Than A Pac-Man Arcade Machine?

If We Need More Power We’ll Let You Know, but Be wary some Hotel AV Departments in Orlando, Florida, use scare tactics to increase profits by recommending peace of mind options you don’t need such as A Power Drop. A power drop (or distro Box) is an Option that Provides Additional outlets and power in your hotel ballroom, but sometimes it’s a waste of money. Don’t Pay For This Upcharge Until You Speak To Us.
We Know The Power Requirements Of Our equipment And Most Game rentals in Orlando, Florida, Do Not Require More Than 20 Amps Of Power Which Is provided in A Standard Hotel Outlet. When You Hire Orlando Arcade Game Rentals We Become Your Partner And Will Do Everything To Help Make Your Event Planning Easy!
The size of a game does not mean it uses a large amount of electricity. For example, our giant games like Life-Size Battle Ship, Life-Size Operation, Giant Lite Brite, and Giant Twister Game use little to no electricity and some can even be run on a battery.


You are what makes us awesome! We believe in creating lasting partnerships with our florida clients so we can work together for years! whenever you need entertainment we want to be your 1st choice!

We have many repeat clients, but we understand we are only as good as our last event so we do not take our customers for granted because there are always new companies coming and going in our industry. We value your business! 

Orlando Arcade Game Rentals was a trusted supplier of arcade games for Major League Soccer (MLS) during the Covid-19 shutdown At The Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. We supplied arcade games on every floor to create a lounge for each soccer team to enjoy. 

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Below are some of our past Florida clients who have trusted us for their entertainment rentals. We understand every guest is a future customer so our goal is to always surpass your expectations. We want to be your #1 resource for all your future game rentals and photo booths.

previous clients
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Juliet Wilks
Juliet Wilks
Designer/ Project Coordinator
Read More
Josh, It was truly my pleasure working with you last weekend. Your guys were very professional and courteous. I will leave a good review for your company.
Melissa Moldof
Melissa Moldof
Read More
Everything was amazing!!!!  Truly spectacular!  Please email me all the pictures from my event. Thanks so much!
Dr. Bob Levine
Dr. Bob Levine
Charlene Levine and the Levine Family
Read More
We have used your game services for two of our son's bar mitzvahs and everything was perfect.  The games arrived on time and were one of the main events for the teens and adults at both parties.   For this last party, we also ordered a green screen service.  Everyone loved it and we got some phenomenal pictures from it. We will recommend your company to others in a heartbeat and we would use your services again.  Thank you for making our party a raving success.
Robert Lu
Robert Lu
BURGER KING®, Tim Hortons®, and Popeyes® Brands
Read More
Eric – thanks to Cocktail Hour Entertainment for bringing the awesome games. They were great choices, and the employees loved them.   Looking forward to working again with you and the team in the future.
Erin Dernis
Erin Dernis
Read More
So happy with the games and ring roamer.  Major hit!  Can’t wait to see the photos! 
Heather Jones
Heather Jones
Special Events Coordinator 
Read More
Thank you Luis, It was a pleasure working with you as well. We will love to leave you a review.  Thank you again for your amazing service. We will be working with you in the future.
Scott Kimmel, Esq.
Scott Kimmel, Esq.
Read More
I Wanted to thank you and the team for a great night. I am sorry but I forgot the name of the person who was the “roamer/rover” (Luis?) both were terrific!
Khila L. Khani
Khila L. Khani
Read More
Everything was great!  I have no complaints, just compliments.  I did bring some of my own things for use at the photo booths, but not sure if they were used. Thanks Again!
Amy Hoodack
Amy Hoodack
The Addison
Read More
Thank you so much! Everything was amazing and I loved the ring roamer! I believe my colleague already called to inquire about it for one of her events. All of my guests were raving about it. Thank you again and I will definitely be booking you for my nieces bat mitzvah and my younger son!
Vayola Jean-Baptiste
Vayola Jean-Baptiste
Manager, Mizner Country Club
Read More
Hello William,   On behalf of Mizner Country Club we would like to say thank you for the services Cocktail Hour provided us. Your staff was very punctual and provided the best customer service. I truly look forward to working with Cocktail Hour Entertainment in the near future.
Linda Oliver
Linda Oliver
Owner, Harbour Bay Florist
Read More
Thanks, you guys were great!!!! 
Sheri Jacobs
Sheri Jacobs
Owner, Chez Gourmet
Read More
Everything was great as always - Thanks!
Dolly Brown
Dolly Brown
Extravaganza Productions
Read More
Eric, Your guys were great! Will was so nice to work with and great at communicating from start to end of delivery. Both were very courteous and professional with my clients. They did a great job. Everything looks great and thank you so much for making the 4-man Pacman happen!!
Kristen Bardin
Kristen Bardin
Social Director, Valencia Falls
Read More
We hired Cocktail Hour Entertainment to do a Carnival for our Children’s Event this year and they did a wonderful job.  William was a pleasure to work with over the phone and was very responsive by email.  They arrived on time and set up went very smoothly.  The games promised were accurate and well kept.  The kids (and adults) really enjoyed themselves.  I would hire them again.