The 1980s was the Golden age of Video games. This is the decade when video Arcade games were HUGE and new games were coming out every week. Spending a Saturday playing the newest games With Your Friends at the mall was fun! Those of us that grew up in the eighties remember being able to play video games at home as well. we could flip a switch and turn our TV into a game machine by plugging in our Atari 2600 or Intellivision and play some of our favorite arcade games, but the graphics weren’t as good, so we had to go to the arcade if we wanted the true arcade experience.  

Orlando Arcade game Rentals has The biggest and Best Selection Of classic retro Games from the 1980’s. In the eighties, classic arcade games like pac-man and Donkey Kong were popular, but there were so many more iconic video games plus your average 80s arcade also had games like Pinball, Air Hockey, Super Chexx Bubble Hockey, foosball, Skeeball, pool tables, ping pong, were popular in 80s arcades as well. 

Orlando Arcade game Rentals can turn any party room into an eighties Video arcade. We have the best selection of iconic 80s arcade games anywhere In Orlando, Florida.  For Your Next 80s Corporate Or Social Event contact Orlando Arcade Game Rentals.  Click Here To Return To The Homepage

below are samples of some of our classic retro Video games from the 1980s. Our 80s games are maintained in excellent condition so you wont find any games that look like they are ready for the dumpster. Our games will keep your guests entertained for your next 80’s decade event. Games can be provided as stand-alone entertainment or as extra entertainment when guests need a break from the dance floor. We have provided games for the famous 80s cruise.

Below are some of our favorite 1980s arcade games for rent. We own these games! We don’t work from a rolodex and just throw a bunch of nice pictures online like many of our competitors do. If you don’t see your favorite 1980s game let us know! 


iconic 1980s arcade games


Arcade Games from the 1980s are commercial quality game machines that are built to be durable and reliable so you don’t have any issues at your party. Stay away from the cheap “1Up” home version knock offs of real arcade machines. These are miniature versions of the real thing,  and they are not made with the same commercial parts so they are more likely to break at your event. 1Ups are made for home use, not commercial use. On a website some companies can make them look just like the real thing, but you will be embarrassed when they deliver these to your event.  

All of our arcade games are the real thing and they are set up for free play so your guests don’t need any quarters. 

Click on the link to see our inventory of Arcade Games for Rent in Orlando


Sport Games were also popular i the eighties as well so don’t think you just have to rent Space Invaders or Frogger for your next 80s party. sport games are a fun way to encourage friendly competition between co-workers. Some examples of Popular sport games are basketball pop a shots, Football Toss, How fast you can throw a baseball, Billiards, Table Tennis, and sport arcade games. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of 80s sport Games In Orlando, Florida. Remember some games fall under more than 1 category such as our giant game, Giant 16 player foosball which is both a sport game and a giant game. Click on the link to see our inventory of Sport Games for Rent in Orlando, Florida.


A giant game or Life-Size game is a giant recreation of a smaller game like a board game or yard game. Most of these giant games came out in the 70s or 80s. These games can be larger than a person! Giant Games Are A Popular Addition To Any 80’s Party and their giant game size can make them more memorable and more fun. Orlando arcade game rentals has the best selection of 80s giant games in orlando, florida.

Some Games Fall Into More Than 1 Category Like Our Giant Game, Giant Lite Brite, Which Falls Into The 3 Categories; Giant Games, Retro Games, And Specialty Games. Click on the link to see our inventory of Giant Games For Rent In Orlando. 


Many LED games are just upgraded version of popular 80s games with LED lights added so they can be played in the dark. The colorful lights not only look great, but they attract guests to the machines. This results in more of your guests playing and having fun.

LED games look amazing in the dark and most LED games can be set to a specific color(s) to match your theme or decor.  This can also save you money on decor because the games can partially substitute part of your room decorations. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of 1980s LED Games In Orlando, Florida.

Remember Some Games Fall Under More Than 1 Category Such As Our Giant Game, Giant 16 Player Foosball Which Is Both An LED lighted Game And A Giant Game. Click on the link to see our inventory of LED Games for Rent in Orlando, Florida.


Retro games, also known as classic games or old school games, are the games you would find in arcades in the 1980s. These games were predominately video games, but there were other popular games in the eightees like air hockey, pinball machines, Bubble Hockey, classic photo booths, and a few others.

The 1980s was considered the golden age of video games and the idea of playing these amazing games was only possible at the local arcade because home gaming consoles like atari couldnt match the realistic graphics so arcades became a popular hangout for both kids and adults. Some of the most famous classic arcade games are space invaders, Galaga, Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Centipede.

Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has The Best Selection Of retro, old- school classic Games In Orlando, Florida. Some Games Fall Into More Than 1 Category Like Our Giant Game, Giant Lite Brite, Which Falls Into 3 different Categories; Retro games, Giant Games, And Specialty Games. If you have a retro party or 1980s themed event then click on the link to see our inventory of classic arcade games for rent in Orlando, Florida.


Specialty games are unique games that don’t fit into one of the categories above. Orlando Arcade Game Rentals Has the best Selection Of unique Games for rent In Orlando, Florida. Some games fall into more than 1 category like our giant game, Giant Lite Brite, which falls into the following categories; Giant Games, Retro Games, and Specialty games. Click on the link to see our inventory of unique specialty games for rent in Orlando, Florida.



You Can Tell A Lot About A Game Rental Company By Looking At The Condition Of Their Equipment. We Have Custom Road cases And Padded Game Covers For Almost Every Game and arcade game We Own. We even have protective cases for our giant games and Life Size Games like Giant Lite Brite, Giant Battleship, Giant Twister, Life Size Operation, and more!

Some Companies Protect their Equipment With Cardboard Boxes And Towels. When You See A Company Doing That…stay away.

We Understand If Equipment looks Damaged Or Dirty It Looks Unprofessional And Makes You Look Bad. We Get It! We Are As Anal About Our Equipment As The DMCs and Party Planners That Hire Us!

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine


Many of our giant games and life size games are large in size, but use very little electric. Most Arcade Games Are Built To Work On A Standard 110V Outlet just like a TV. Depending On How Many Games You Rent Will determine How Much Power we Need. Normally, We Only require the Power provided in A Standard Hotel Ballroom, but We Have A Checklist Of Questions just to be sure. for example, “” Did you know an Espresso/Cappuccino Cart Uses 3-4 Times More Power Than A Pac-Man Arcade Machine?

If We Need More Power We’ll Let You Know, but Be wary of some Hotel AV Departments that use scare tactics to increase profits by recommending peace of mind options you don’t need such as A Power Drop. A power drop (or distro Box) is an Option that Provides Additional outlets and power in your hotel ballroom, but sometimes it’s a waste of money. Don’t Pay For This Upcharge Until You Speak To Us.
We Know The Power Requirements Of Our equipment And we often Do Not Require More Than 20 Amps Of Power Which Is provided by A Standard Hotel Outlet. When You Hire Orlando Arcade Game Rentals We will Help Make Your Event Planning Easy!
1980s plinko from price is right game show



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